What will blockchain mean for publishing?

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  • Hello Asif! I found very useful information from one blockchain enthusiast (Joseph Pham) in Quora, 

    In publishing, there’s quite a lot of potential use cases for blockchain, especially when you talk about the digital publishing space. However, even if we include print publishing, there’s some interesting applications of different blockchain technology.

    Source authentication - when you talk about publishing, publications, especially reference material (ie research publications and original material), blockchain provides providence - where, when and who the original material was published

    IP - related to the 1st point, it allows a better mechanism for managing and controlling the distribution of published material (copyright), as well as the ability to attribute that back to the source (and ultimately, protect the creator’s IP or at least provide support to the history of the material) for legal / IP issues

    Attribution - Co-creation and distribution attributes can be embedded in the publishing process through smart contracts. This can ensure that materials are not released or accessible until / unless certain conditions are met

    Referencing - Especially in the digital / electronic world of online publishing, it’s very easy to copy and paste material on the internet. However, blockchains can create digital signatures (hashes) which may contain anonymised Authorship information, and be distributed. This fingerprint can be printed or embedded (ie pdf / e-book) to ensure that the material always as a point of reference to the original source.

    Transaction management - Authors and creators of published content often don’t get a lot of revenue from their works. Often, intermediaries will take a large chunk of revenue. Blockchain can help (especially for e-books and self publishers) manage their revenue and transaction channels, potentially tracking and accepting sales transactions more easily (or at least reducing the cost of transactions)

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