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Hi, I am a self-publishing author and I have a book that is novel. Now I am looking for marketing ideas. How do you promote your works? 

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  • Lisa Millman first of all, check sources where you can promote your book for free. When you will start to look up for lists, you should find many of them. For example, this link includes a lot of places:

    Made by Erica Verrillo

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      • Elma Hagr
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      Lisa Millman, Tim gave to you a great tip but it is only a smart part of whole marketing strategy. What I suggest is to think about these steps:

      1. Make sure your book has some unique advantage compared with others. It might be as the details of the plot as the book cover. Btw, useful method how to make a book special is to use appropriate keywords - if you write about crimes, then look up for language used in other crimes. Of course, do the research how the situations described in your art work would happen in reality. Basically, just find what makes your book special.

      2. After you have created a perfect work, think about your main audience - what are the characteristics of your readers, why they will read your book and what they might hope to find in your book? Where will they spend their time? What media do they consume? 

      When you think about your audience, create actual personas. As you are writers, this should be an easy task. Describe each person as detailed as you can. All information will help for you to develop a precise marketing strategy. Remember, that your unique advantage is the reason why readers will buy your book, so look for users who understand and support it.

      3. When you know your audience, try to reach them by channels they use. There you should publish the information which might be useful, inspiring and reminds them about your unique advantage. For example, use social media, paid advertising, print media, create special events to your readers, write guest blog posts and participate in interviews/podcasts. Also, think about your website or blog - make the content made by interests of readers, write about yourself and find a way how to communicate with them. Create a newsletter and invite readers to subscribe. To do that successfully, make the sign-up process simple. Add some trigger which would motivate readers to sign-up, for example, share some tips or interesting stories.

      4. The most influential tool is word-of-mouth marketing! Because of that collect reviews from readers and opinion leaders in industry. Nowadays consumers see ads everywhere, so they are used to them and might not pay that much attention. But if readers will see that real people share their thoughts, readers will start to listen and trust in the opinions. This will work even more if the review would be given by someone who is well-known in the publishing - readers already have some trust and will listen and follow the opinion. 

      Hope all this helped for you to become more successful and raise the self-publishing in different level!

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  • Check this great article from Joanna Penn:

    Yeah, it is hard to promote your book when no one actually know about you 馃

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  • Another great article on how to market your self-published book:

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